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Maple Syrup Facts

The production of Vermont Maple Syrup and other maple products is a thriving tradition signaling the arrival of spring in northern New England. The sweet aroma of boiling maple sap escaping sugar shacks around the area is just one of the many reasons visitors travel from around the world to experience springtime in Vermont!

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Vermonts New Maple Syrup Grades

NOTE: Starting in 2014, Vermont as begun to adopt a new system for grading syrup. This new system promises easier-to-understand grades for the same great syrup!       Why the Change?


Why Vermont Changed Grade Names:

Consumer Convenience:

Historically, Maple Syrup grades in Vermont were based on a system created when Maple Syrup was a substitute for cane sugar, which was not widely available at the time.

The new grades are intended to provide better color and flavor descriptors and are intended to help customers easily and quickly pinpoint the exact syrup they seek.

International Alignment:

For years, Vermont's four grades of Maple Syrup had differed from New York's, Maine's, Canada's and others. This created confusion within the marketplace and the new grades will now align with the others.

New Grade Names:


Prior Grade Names:

Vermont Golden Delicate
 Golden with Delicate Taste
Light, golden color with a mild, delicate taste. Excellent as a table syrup or over ice cream or yogurt.
Vermont Amber Rich
 Amber with Rich Taste
A light amber color and full-bodied flavor, this class of syrup is the product of choice for consumers who desire the classic maple syrup flavor.
Vermont Dark Robust
 Dark with Robust Taste
A dark amber color with a more pro- nounced maple flavor, this class will satisfy those consumers who desire the strong flavors of what has been known as Grade B.
Vermont Vary Dark
 Very Dark with Strong Taste
Nearly black, this syrup has a strong flavor that translates well to cooking, where the maple flavor will carry through to the finished dish.
Vt. Fancy - Light Amber
This light amber colored maple syrup has a delicate maple flavor. Popular served over vanilla ice cream, in tea, or in any manner that compliments its subtle flavor. Try a slightly-cooled heaping spoonful fresh from the pot!
Vt. Grade A - Medium Amber
This medium amber colored syrup with a pronounced maple bouquet and a characteristic maple flavor is most often used on pancakes, waffles, and as an all-around table syrup. Medium Amber is also delicious by the slightly-cooled spoonful.
Vt. Grade A - Dark Amber
This grade boasts a dark amber color with a robust maple bouquet and hearty maple flavor. Most often used to accompany breakfast entrees as an all-around table syrup.
Note: Falls somewhere between the new "Amber" & "Dark" Grades.
Vt. Grade B
The strongest and darkest table syrup, it is preferred by many fo its pronounced maple flavor. The most common grade used in cooking and to add its flavor to processed foods.
Vermont Grade C
(was not available for retail sale)
Above content provided in part by VT Sugarmakers Assn
Maple Syrup Uses:
  • Use Vermont Maple Syrup on pancakes, waffles, and french toast. Pour over vanilla ice cream and plain yogurt.
  • Use as a substitute for sugar when baking.
  • Add Maple Syrup as a sweetener for coffee or tea.
  • Make maple candy.
  • Use as a flavoring in cakes, pies, or pastries.
  • Glaze Maple Syrup over meats - such as ham, chicken, or pork.
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